APPROVED on 08/03/2010

Greenwich Village Historic District

Between West 4th Street & Greenwich Avenue


A Greek Revival style rowhouse built in 1843. Application is to construct a rooftop addition.


Status as of August 3rd, 2010: LATEST NEWS
At the August 3rd public hearing, the applicant presented a revised design to the Landmarks Preservation Commission that proposed lowering the rooftop addition an additional 17″ and setting it back from the front facade an additional 36″, thereby reducing the visibility from West 12th Street. The Commission voted to approve this revised application.

Status of July 30th, 2010
The revised proposal will be shown to the Landmarks Preservation Commission at a public meeting on August 3rd, 2010.

Status of May 4th, 2010
At a public hearing at the Landmarks Preservation Commission on Tuesday, May 4th, 2010, the applicant presented a proposal to construct a 415-sf brown stucco rooftop addition on top of the building that would be set back 17′ from the front facade and 3′ from the rear facade. Also proposed were brick parapet walls on all sides of the building, which would each extend 42″ above the existing roofline. The Commission did not vote to approve or deny the application, but instead asked that the applicant revise the proposed addition so that it would be less visible from the public way. The applicant was asked to return to the Commission with this revision at public meeting (date TDB).

Photos of the application, as presented on May 4th:

1969 Designation Report, published by the Landmarks Preservation Commission when they designated the Greenwich Village Historic District