APPROVED on 10/12/2010

Greenwich Village Historic District Extension II

Northwest corner of Cornelia Street


An altered Federal style brick rowhouse built in 1829 with alterations in 1921 and 1930. Application is to install new storefront infill.


Status as of October 12th, 2010
At the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s public meeting on October 12th, the applicant presented a revised proposal. At the Commission’s recommendation, the applicant had performed a probe and discovered the existence of an original decorative corner column. The revised proposal involved exposing this column and removing the originally-proposed dark brown signband. This applicant also proposed adding a flat, anodized aluminum panel underneath the take-out window on the Bleecker Street facade.

The Commission approved the revised proposal, but asked that the applicant work with Commission staff to add more texture to the anodized aluminum panel.

Photos of the revised, approved proposal:

Status as of October 8th, 2010:
A revised version of the proposal is scheduled to be shown to the Landmarks Preservation Commission at a public meeting on October 12th, 2010.

Status as of September 7th, 2010:
At the September 7th public hearing, the Landmarks Preservation Commission reviewed the proposal. The Commissioners made several comments:

1) The applicant should perform a probe to see if an original column exists at the corner; if one is found, it should be exposed
2) The signband is both too tall and too long
3) The take-out window on the Bleecker Street facade should read more like a storefront and less “like a mall”
4) The awning above the take-out window is too wide and should better relate to the window

The Commission did not approve the proposal. Rather, they asked that the applicant consider these comments and return with a revised proposal at a later date TBD.

Status as of August 30th, 2010
At the August 30th Community Board 2 Landmarks & Public Aesthetics Committee meeting, the applicant presented a proposal that will be shown to the Landmarks Preservation Commission on September 7th, 2010. The proposal is to replace the storefront on both the Bleecker Street and Cornelia Street sides.  The new Cornelia Street storefront would have three openings made of wood and glass and serving as folding doors.  One of these openings already exists; the other two openings would be created (the brick that exists here currently is not original to the building, but is in fact infill brick).  Each new opening would be 6’4‚Ä≥. The Bleecker Street storefront would also be constructed of wood and glass and would have a flat, stainless steel panel underneath a take-out window.  The painted sign on both sides would be lit by a long, thing pendant light.

Photos of the proposal as presented to the Community Board on August 30th:

2010 Designation Report, published by the Landmarks Preservation Commission when they designated the Greenwich Village Historic District Extension II