West 11th Street between Bleecker Street and West 4th Street
Greenwich Village Historic District

LPC Designation Report: Available in PDF.

Application is to remove historic elements, install a stoop, modify masonry openings and install new infill, remove studio skylights, construct a rooftop addition, and alter the rear façade.

PDF presentation links:
LPC Presentation of 4/9/2024
Community Board Presentation of 3/14/2024


LPC Public Meeting – TBD

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LPC Public Hearing – April 9th, 2024
No Action – Applicants were asked to explore a hybrid solution where they may re-introduce a stoop if they wish to, while retaining as much of the existing early 20th Century front facade design as possible. The applicants were also asked to retain the front rooftop accretions (dormer and studio window) and the rear tower, while making any other desired modifications, such as proposing a new rooftop addition that incorporates those elements.

Community Board 2 Meeting – March 14th, 2024
CB resolution recommended:
A. Approval of the front façade restoration including window modifications and historic double door.
B. Approval of the recreation of the stoop, and requests that the choice of ironwork be reconsidered, noting that the building’s status as a twin does not obligate replication of the ironwork at 278, particularly when there are many more attractive and historically accurate options to choose from in the district.
C. Conditional approval of the rooftop addition, contingent upon the applicant being able to demonstrate to the Commission via photographic evidence that the rooftop addition meets the standard of minimal visibility from a public thoroughfare.
D. Approval of the rear façade reconstruction and redesign, including metal deck and staircase, noting that the choice of brick and style of mortar joints need to be in kind with that which is being replaced.
E. Approval of the rear yard excavation, provided that all applicable regulations are followed, and that care is taken to ensure the integrity of the subject property and the neighboring houses.

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