Sixth Avenue between Carmine Street and West Fourth Street
Greenwich Village Historic District Extension II

LPC Designation Report: Available in PDF

Application is to demolish the existing buildings and construct a new building.

PDF presentation links:
LPC Presentation of 4/16/2024
LPC Presentation of 1/23/2024
Community Board Presentation of 1/9/2024


LPC Public Meeting – April 16th, 2024
APPROVED WITH MODIFICATIONS: The applicant will work with staff to create a more coherent look between the storefront and upper floors, and to add some degree of articulation between where the bulkhead meets the brick wall at the side of the building to differentiate the bulkhead from the facade. Additionally applicants will work with staff to to revise the 7th floor (penthouse), by pushing back the central projecting portion to more closely align with the rest of the 7th floor, have less visual impact on the cornice, and be less visible over the primary facade.

LPC Public Hearing – January 23, 2024
NO ACTION: Commissioners were in favor of demolition of the current buildings, and were comfortable with the massing and footprint of the proposed building. However, they generally felt that the building’s design needs to be restudied to better align with the tenement style buildings that characterize this district, and asked the applicants to consider reducing the height of the penthouse, setting it back, or modifying the materiality to better integrate with the rest of the building.

Community Board 2 Meeting – January 9, 2024
CB resolution recommended:
A. Approval of the demolition of the two existing buildings of no historic or architectural value; and
B. Approval of the massing of the building and its side and rear walls; and
C. Denial of the front facade design, including the metal storefront, the windows’ size, proportion and operation, the concave and convex vertical design of the columns, and the proportion of masonry to glass, a clearly contemporary design without reference or respect to the specific rich historic character of the district; and
D. Denial of use of any brick other than common brick on lot line façades.

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