APPROVED on 04/12/2011

Greenwich Village Historic District
Between Fifth Avenue & University Place



A Gothic Revival style town house built in 1848. Application is to alter front and rear facades, construct a stoop, replace windows, alter the roof and construct a stair bulkhead and terrace.



Status as of April 12th, 2011
The applicant presented the revised proposal to the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s at the public hearing on April 12th. The Commission voted to approve the revised application.

Status as of April 8th, 2011:
The public meeting at the Landmarks Preservation Commission has been rescheduled for Tuesday, April 12th.

Status as of March 15th, 2011:
The applicant presented the proposal to the Landmarks Preservation Commission at their public hearing on March 15th. The Commissioners thought that the proposed casement windows should perhaps instead be double-hung, and asked that the applicant to do further research into their original condition. They were also concerned about the bright white paint proposed for the rear addition and about the proposed lot line windows, which they thought should be eliminated or reduced. The Commission decided not to vote on the application, but rather asked the applicant to incorporate their comments into a revised design. The revised design will be shown to the Commission at a public meeting, date TBD.

Status as of March 7th, 2011:
At the March 7th public hearing of the Community Board 2 Landmarks & Public Aesthetics Committee, the applicant presented the proposal that will be heard at the Landmarks Preservation Commission on March 15th. The proposal may be viewed here.

1969 Designation Report, published by the Landmarks Preservation Commission when they designated the Greenwich Village Historic District