APPROVED on 01/14/2014

CB2 hearing: 10/15/2013
LPC hearing: 01/14/2014

Gansevoort Market Historic District
Between Ninth Avenue and Washington Street


1) From the LPC agenda: A new building designed by Sherida E. Paulsen and built in 2010. Application is to construct a rooftop addition. Zoned M1-5

2) LPC Designation Report: An architectural and historical description of the building is available in the designation report.

3) Photos of the application: Available in PDF

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This section provides updates if there are changes to the hearing dates listed above, which includes instances when an application has been laid over (aka postponed). If applicable, LPC public meeting dates for this application will also be tracked here. Please note that public testimony is taken at public hearings, but not at public meetings.

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As of:

  • 1/15/14: Application approved at yesterday’s LPC public hearing, and is now closed.
  • 1/10/14: Application rescheduled for a 1/14 LPC public hearing. Public testimony is welcome.
  • 10/18/13: According to today’s LPC agenda, the public hearing for this application has been laid over. Future hearing TBD.
  • 9/30/13: This application was not presented at last night’s community board presentation and it is assumed that it is laid over at LPC. We will find out this Friday when they release their 10/8 agenda times.
  • 9/19/13: LPC agenda released today indicates that this application will be heard on 10/8. It is anticipated that the community board meeting will be 9/30. See above for meeting locations.
  • 9/12/13: Laid over at CB2 and will not be presented at their 9/16 meeting, according to their email sent today. This likely means it will also be laid over at LPC.