APPROVED on 02/01/2011

Greenwich Village Historic District

Between Morton & Leroy Streets



A vernacular Greek Revival style house built in 1847. Application is to alter the storefront, construct rooftop and rear yard additions, and perform excavation.




Status as of February 1st, 2011: LATEST NEWS
At the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s public hearing on February 1st, the applicant presented the revised proposal. The elevator had been moved the middle of the building so it would no longer be visible in the rear. It would also stop short of the top floor, so would not be seen on the roof. The Commission approved the revised proposal, but asked that the windows on the rooftop addition be slightly altered so they would be less visible from the rear of the building.

Status as of January 28th, 2011
The revised proposal is scheduled to return to the Landmarks Preservation Commission at a public meeting on February 1st, 2010.

Status as of January 11th, 2011:
The applicant presented the revised proposal to the Landmarks Preservation Commission on January 11th, 2011. Though the applicant had made changes to the original proposal, the Commission still thought that it needed further work and asked the applicant to again return to the drawing board. The revisions involved reducing the proposed excavation by 50%, which the Commission thought was fine. On all other aspects of the proposal, the Commission thought the application still needed work. The applicant will return again at a public meeting, the date of which is TBD.

Status as of January 10th, 2011:
The applicant is scheduled to present the revised proposal to the Landmarks Preservation Commission at a public meeting tomorrow, January 11th.

Status as of November 9th, 2010:
The applicant presented the proposal to the Landmarks Preservation Commission at their public hearing on November 9th. In general, the Commission thought that the proposal was asking far too much of a small building, and asked the applicant to return to the drawing board to substantially scale back the proposed alterations. The application will be returning to the Commission at a later date TBD once these changes to the proposal have been made.

Status as of November 1st, 2010:
At the Community Board 2 Landmarks & Public Aesthetics Committee meeting on November 1st, the applicant presented a proposal that will be heard at the Landmarks Preservation Commission on November 9th. The proposal is to:

1) Extend the rear of the building by removing the existing rear wall and constructing a new addition up the entire length of the building. The first two floors would be extended 30′ (leaving a 10′ rear yard), while the floors above would be extended 10′ on one side and 16′-2′ on the other (the extension would be L-shaped on the upper floors and would bump out an additional 16′-2′ on the north side)
2) Excavate the rear yard so that the cellar also extends 30 feet back (the sub-cellar level would not change);
3) Restore the front facade, including the storefront, and add shutters to the windows (according to the applicant, shutter pins currently exist);
4) Add a rooftop addition that would be visible from the southwest corner of Hudson & Leroy Streets as well as from the northwest corner of Hudson & Morton Streets.

1969 Designation Report, published by the Landmarks Preservation Commission when they designated the Greenwich Village Historic District

ca. 1940 Tax Photo