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LPC hearing: 10/26/2021 – LAID OVER

LPC hearing: 12/14/2021 – see below for instructions on participating in the virtual public hearing. To submit written testimony of any length in advance of the hearing, send it to testimony@lpc.nyc.gov by 12:00 noon on the Monday before the hearing. Click HERE for suggested guidelines for testimony from Village Preservation.

Sullivan-Thompson Historic District
Broome Street between 6th Avenue and Watts Street


1) From the CB2 agenda: Application is to replace storefront infill and a skylight and install planters.

2) View the application: 12/14/2021 Available in PDF; 10/14/2021 Available in PDF.

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1) Community Board 2 public hearing:
October 14, 2021 at 5:30pm via Zoom
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As this information is subject to change, please visit the community board’s website for the latest available agenda. This application is scheduled to be shown publicly for the first time at CB2’s Landmarks & Public Aesthetics Committee public hearing. Public attendance via webinar and comments are welcome (note: this will be the first opportunity for the public to comment on this application). There is no time limit per se for testimony unless there are a number of people who are in attendance. To submit written testimony of any length in advance of the hearing, click HERE.

2) Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) virtual public hearing:
December 14, 2021 at 9:30am via Zoom
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This section provides updates if there are changes to the hearing dates listed above, which includes instances when an application has been laid over (aka postponed). If applicable, LPC public meeting dates for this application will also be tracked here. Please note that public testimony is taken at public hearings, but not at public meetings.

CB2 10/14/2021:

  1. The existing condition is two divided pane windows and a divided pane horizontal skylight which replaced an original loading; and
  2. The proposed replacement windows are operable casement sheet glass in six sections and the skylight windows are replaced with operable sliding solid glass panels that did not appear to have any provisions for the safety of passersby at the void created at near grade level when in the open position; and
  3. The plate glass operable casement windows of unsuitable design and proportion and the skylight are without historic precedent and are ill suited to the building; and
  4. The proposed application is in direct conflict with an agreement in connection with the approval of a liquor license that includes the following stipulations, all of which are in direct conflict with the changes proposed in the application:
    1. All doors and windows will be closed at all times except for patron ingress and egress.
    2. Will not install or have French doors, operable windows or open facades.
    3. Will not make changes to the existing façade except to change signage or awning.

Therefore be it resolved that CB2, Man. recommends denial of the application of a modification that is in no way respectful of the historic character of the building and the district and is in direct conflict with binding stipulations in the liquor license for the premises with respect to operable windows and changes to the existing facade.

Vote: Unanimous, with 42 Board members in favor.

LPC Public Hearing 12/14/2021:

D.Chapin – J.Lutfy, 10-0-0
Action: Approved with modifications
A.HolFord Smith – M.Devonshire,10-0-0

Please note: All LPC public hearings and public meetings are held at the Municipal Building, 1 Centre Street, 9th floor north, public hearing room (unless otherwise noted).

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