APPROVED on 07/19/2011


Gansevoort Market Historic District
Southeast corner of West 13th Street



A Moderne style market building designed by David M. Oltarch and built in 1938. Application is to alter the facades and construct a seven-story addition.



Status as of July 19th, 2011: LATEST NEWS
The applicant presented the revised proposal to the Landmarks Preservation Commission at a public meeting on July 19th. Upon reviewing the proposal, the Commission voted to approve it.

The following changes had been made to the April 12th proposal:

1) Total height of building reduced by 8’0″, from 84’ to 76’
2) Height of ground floor level reduced from 14’ to 13’6″
3) Floor-to-floor height of upper stories reduced from 14’ to 12’6″
4) Storefront openings added to 13th St. façade of existing building to allow expression of steel columns behind

Photos of the approved proposal:

Status as of July 18th, 2011:
The applicant will be showing the latest revision of the proposal to the Landmarks Preservation Commission on Tuesday, July 19th. As this will be a public meeting, no public comment will be allowed (public comment is only allowed at public hearings).

Status as of April 12th, 2011:
At the April 12th public meeting of the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the applicant presented the revised proposal. Two stories had been removed from the six-story addition proposed in November 2010, and windows were added to the brick portion of the building (the footprint of the brick portion was also reduced). The proposed building height was dropped from 113 ft to 84 ft.

The Commission did not vote, but again asked the applicant to return at a later date TBD with a revised proposal. In general, the Commission thought that the addition needed a further reduction in scale and some stylistic changes to make it better relate to the existing two-story moderne building.

Photos of the revised proposal:

Status as of April 8th, 2011:
The public meeting at the Landmarks Preservation Commission has been rescheduled for Tuesday, April 12th.

Status as of November 9th, 2010:
The applicant presented the proposal to the Landmarks Preservation Commission at their public hearing on November 9th. In general, the Commissioners agreed that the proposed seven-story addition would overwhelm the existing two-story building. While they thought the proposed design was interesting, they thought its massing made it inappropriate for both the building and for this primarily low-rise historic district. They asked the applicant to revise the proposal and return to the Commission for a public meeting at a later date TBD.

Status as of November 1st, 2010:
At the Community Board 2 Landmarks & Public Aesthetics Committee meeting on November 1st, the applicant presented a proposal that will be heard at the Landmarks Preservation Commission on November 9th. The proposal is to construct a seven-story glass addition on top of the existing 2-story building.

2003 Designation Report, published by the Landmarks Preservation Commission when they designated the Gansevoort Market Historic District

ca. 1940 Tax Photo
ca. 1980 Tax Photo
2003 Designation Photo, taken by the Landmarks Preservation Commission when they designated the Gansevoort Market Historic District