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On This Day: Washington Square Arch

1895, photograph by Adolph Wittemann (courtesy of the Museum of the City of New York Digital Archives)

On this day in 1895 (that’s 117 years ago if you’re counting), Washington Square Arch was dedicated. The above image shows what the arch looked like that year. Designed by Stanford White of McKim, Meade & White, the arch has become one of the most prominent symbols of Greenwich Village. Off the Grid went into detail about the history of the arch in a post a few months ago.

To celebrate the history of this renowned monument, we thought we’d share a few historic photos from the GVSHP archives.

Labor Day Parade, 1912. GVSHP Archives, New York Bound Bookshop Collection.
"Washington Arch at night with Christmas tree" by Nat Kaufman, c. 1950. GVSHP Archives, Nat Kaufman Collection.
Photograph by Claire Tankel, November 1, 1958. Stanley Tankel drives a car through Washington Square on the date the Square was closed to cars. The sign on Tankel's car reads: "Last Car Thru Washington Square". GVSHP Archives, Claire Tankel Collection.

The weather this weekend is supposed to be beautiful so, if you have time, stop by Washington Square Park and visit the arch. We also hope to see you at GVSHP’s 14th annual House Tour Benefit this Sunday! Tickets can be purchased in advance on our website or at the door (priced at a higher rate).

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  1. Wonder what wonderful information Morton and Rhoda would have had for us to digest.
    Thanks Amanda.

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