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Come Out to Weigh In on East Village Landmarks

Tomorrow, July 12th, marks a big day for landmark review in the East Village. That’s because Community Board 3‘s Landmarks Subcommittee will be holding its first public hearing regarding proposed alterations to two landmarked properties in the St. Mark’s Historic District. GVSHP will be attending the meeting, as we do in Community Board 2, and we encourage you to attend, too! Read more about the meeting after the jump.

The two properties that will be presented tomorrow are located at 106 and 110 East 10th Streets. The meeting will be held at the BRC Senior Services Center at 30 Delancey Street on the Lower East Side, and will begin at 6:00pm. At the meeting, the applicants of each property will present their proposals in front of the committee and the public. You can share your questions or concerns about each application at that time.

CB3 Boundary, GVSHP monitors properties between Houston and 14th Streets, 4th Avenue/The Bowery to the East River

GVSHP tracks all proposed work to landmarked buildings in our catchment area on our Landmarks Applications Webpage; in CB3, we monitor all properties between Houston and 14th Streets, 4th Avenue/The Bowery and the East River. After the CB3 hearing, the applications will move ahead to a hearing at the Landmarks Preservation Commission, which is scheduled for Tuesday, July 24th. You can request GVSHP to update you via email on any active application that requires the approval of the LPC.

We’re very excited to see that landmark protection in the East Village has expanded in the past few years and that there is now a CB3 committee specifically dedicated to landmarks! While tomorrow’s meeting focuses on the oldest historic district in the area (designated in 1969), applications in the future could include those buildings within the recently designated East 10th Street Historic District (view the designation report on our Resources page); they could also include over 30 individual landmarks located throughout the East Village, many of which have been designated in the past few years after strong advocacy efforts from GVSHP and other groups. See our East Village section to learn more.

Source: Landmarks Preservation Commission

In addition, the LPC recently held a public hearing for a proposed East Village/Lower East Side Historic District at which GVSHP, preservation allies, and local residents testified in support; we hope that the LPC will act soon in officially designating this worthy district centered around lower Second Avenue!

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