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St. Patrick’s Day Wrap-Up

McSorley’s Old Ale House on East 7th Street

While the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade wound its way up Fifth Avenue this weekend, the Village celebrated the holiday in a more low-key way.

Of course the Village was historically a home for many Irish immigrants beginning even before the Irish potato famine in 1845. This is most evident in the churches built expressly for Irish immigrants, including the University Parish of St. Joseph’s and the Church of St. Veronica-In-the-Village. Read an earlier Off the Grid post which details the history of these extant houses of worship.

A little farther East, the Merchant’s House Museum, which explores the lives of one wealthy merchant family that lived continuously in the home until it became a museum, featured a special tour that focused on the fourth-floor servants’ quarters and detailed the lives (and work) of the home’s four Irish servants. Fortunately guided tours of the servant’s quarters are available during the Museum’s open hours and included in the price of admission, for those who missed it.

And what would St. Patrick’s Day in the Village be without a visit to McSorley’s, the city’s oldest continuously operating bar. EV Grieve reports that a group of patrons (wearing green) were waiting outside by 9:00AM on Sunday.


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