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A Light Plate for Landmarks in August


As the summer rolls on, we thought we’d take the time to do a little Landmarks update. The above screenshot from our Landmarks Applications Webpage shows three Certificate of Appropriateness (C of A) applications to be heard in August at the Landmarks Commission. Click on the photo to learn more about these applications and how you can view them, either in person or through our site.

GVSHP has also started sending these upcoming application notifications in our general blast e-mails (e-mail gvshp@gvshp.org to be added to this list). You can also be kept in the loop by subscribing HERE.

Given the light load, let’s check in on a few applications that have been of popular interest, but have yet to be finalized with a vote (yea or nay) from the Landmarks Commission. These, and all other applications awaiting a hearing or final vote by the Commission, can be found by clicking on the yellow “Pending Landmarks Applications” button on the page above.


 27 East 4th Street
Status: Pending

This application has received quite a bit of press and public interest, which isn’t surprising given the fact it’s a proposal for a new building adjacent to the 1832 Merchant’s House Museum. The museum, both an exterior and interior designated city landmark (a rare combo), features delicate plasterwork and a rubble foundation that we and others have asked the LPC to take into close consideration when examining this proposal.

At the last public meeting in March the LPC was still not satisfied with the new building proposal and sent the applicant back to the drawing board yet again. Even though the public could not testify at this meeting (though they did in large numbers at the May 2012 hearing), those concerned about the proposal’s impact on the Merchant’s House were once again out in full force to watch the proceedings.

Interested in finding out when this application will be scheduled for its third public meeting at a date still to be determined? You can sign up for GVSHP e-mail notifications HERE. Please specify this address when filling out the form.


St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery
Status: Pending

Not too far away from the Merchant’s House is another beautiful landmark in the East Village: St. Mark’s Church-in-the Bowery at the corner of 10th Street and Second Avenue. Built in stages beginning in 1799, the church holds a special place in the hearts of many. So when the church and its architect presented their proposal for an ADA-compliant ramp at the main entrance off Abe Lebewohl Park, a number of neighborhood residents came out for the two community board presentations and again at the LPC hearing.

At the hearing, GVSHP testified that providing wheel-chair access is, of course, important, but we also asked that the LPC make sure that all entrance approach options be carefully studied and considered before approving anything here. In their commentary, the LPC agreed and asked that the applicant come back with detailed explanations as to why other access points can’t work.

Click HERE to receive an e-mail notification from GVSHP when this public meeting is to be scheduled at a time still be to determined. Please specify this address when filling out the form.


130 Seventh Avenue South
Status: Pending

Thanks to our daily monitoring of the Department of Buildings website for any new permit applications in our neighborhoods, we were aware of this new building proposal well ahead of the community board presentation earlier this month. It was also heard at the LPC on July 9th where neighbors came out overwhelmingly against the glass and brick curtain wall design. GVSHP and other groups also testified against it, citing its heavy use of glass as being out of character with the Greenwich Village Historic District and its scale as overwhelming for the location.

In an unusual move, the LPC commissioners did not provide comment on the application, choosing instead to defer this to a future public meeting still to be determined.

As with the others, you can click HERE if you wish GVSHP to notify you by e-mail notification of the date of this public meeting as soon as we find out from the LPC. Please specify this address when filling out the form.

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