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2022 Small Business Holiday Gift Guide!

Happy holidays, neighbors! If you’ve been struggling to find the perfect gift for the loved ones in your life, look no further. Village Preservation is spreading holiday cheer with a gift guide to help you shop, all while supporting the small, local businesses that make our neighborhood such a whimsical, wondrous place! 

The shops on this list represent just a few of the many unique, character-filled businesses our neighborhoods have to offer. To learn what else is out there, check out our Business of the Month and Small Business, Big History maps!

Three Lives & Company (154 West 10th Street)

For the Bibliophile: A carefully curated book from Three Lives & Company

Three Lives & Company (154 West 10th Street) was named our Business of the Month in July 2019, but has been a haven for book-loving Villagers since it moved to its current location in 1983. The staff at Three Lives & Company is composed of some of the Village’s most prodigious readers, and they are determined to share their love and wisdom with every person who walks through the door. A frequent partner with Village Preservation, they pride themselves on discovering and curating literature that will take readers on a journey. Make sure to stop by and check out their popular NYC collection and grab a book for the bibliophile in your life!

Lovewild (136 Avenue C)
Lovewild’s Offerings

For the Child in Your Life: A whimsical toy from Lovewild

Handcrafted, sustainable gifts for all ages are the specialty of the women-run design studio Lovewild (136 Avenue C), and lucky for us, they also carry some of the cutest children’s toys in Lower Manhattan. A Magnetic Wooden Block with boundless possibilities or a cape and streamers will do the trick to fuel any child’s imagination, so make sure to light a spark of creativity in the little ones in your life with one of their many whimsical, sustainable offerings.

Random Accessories (77 East 4th Street

For the Child in Us All: NYC novelties from Random Accessories

Who says that toys are just for kids? Lynn Freidus has cultivated one of the most eclectic, jubilant merchandise collections at Random Accessories (77 East 4th Street) to honor the child in us all. Her store is full of the hilarious pickings and handcrafted work that you’d expect from a connoisseur of the quirky, including some incredible NYC novelties like this Vintage New York Map Puzzle and a collection of NYC-themed stickers to spruce up your next meeting agenda.

Eva Joan Repair (22 8th Avenue)
Some of Eva Joan’s vibrant offerings

For a One-of-a-Kind Friend: One-of-a-Kind clothing from Eva Joan Repair

Eva Joan Repair (22 8th Avenue) may be new to the neighborhood, but their mission is rooted in sustainability and re-imagining vintage garments into one-of-a-kind statement pieces. In addition to offering colorful mending and tailoring services, Bjorn Park and Emma Villeneuve, the duo behind Eva Joan, scour the country for vintage buttons, patches, and more to incorporate into the clothing for sale in their West Village storefront. Stop in to pick up a garment for your most unique, statement-making loved one or to give your favorite vintage Christmas sweater a vibrant sprucing up! Eva Joan Repair will make you feel even better than good as new!

Berber Street Food (35 Carmine Street)

For the Foodie: A gift card to Berber Street Food

Chef Diana Tandia serves up some of the most delectable, mouth-wateringly-delicious food in the Village at Berber Street Food (35 Carmine Street.) This spot offers Villagers globally-influenced vegetarian Afro-fusion street food inspired by Chef Tandia’s upbringing in Mauritania. Berber Street Food, which opened in 2018, has not only become a neighborhood favorite in the West Village, but has also garnered rave reviews from The New York Times and The New Yorker, among many other admirers. A gift card to Berber Street Food is sure to whet the appetite of your favorite foodie!

Limited To One (221 East 10th Street, Basement West)

For the Music lover: A vintage record from Limited to One

The musical history of our neighborhoods m is well-documented, and continues to play on in record shops like Limited To One (221 East 10th Street, Basement West). These collectors not only specialize in punk rock, indie, hip-hop, hardcore, pop-punk, and 90’s alternative music, but also collaborate with new artists for limited vinyl releases. In just one visit, you’ll experience a blast from the past and a vision from the future! In addition to their prized collection of rare vinyls and cassette tapes, Limited To One carries books, totes, t-shirts, art prints, Zines, and stickers that will have the music lover in your life dancing to the beat! 

Love Thy Beast (300 East 5th Street)
NYC Taxi Toy

For Your Furry Friend: A fun treat from Love Thy Beast

We here at Village Preservation understand that sometimes our dearest family members are covered in fur! This holiday season, shower your furry friends with a toy or treat by the folks at Love Thy Beast (300 East 5th Street). This treat-filled Holiday Advent Calendar guarantees your furry friend will feel the love all winter while this Pizza Kitty Toy and NYC Taxi Toy will keep the fun going all year long!

For the Preservationist: A Village Preservation gift membership!

Village Preservation has worked to document, celebrate, and preserve the architecture and cultural heritage of the Village since 1980 and we couldn’t do it without the support of readers and members like you. This holiday season, consider purchasing a Village Preservation gift membership for a loved one to enjoy our membership perks and special programming! 

Happy Holidays, everyone! Thank you for being our neighbors.

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