URGENT ALERT! City Proposes Towering High-Rise, Tallest Ever in Greenwich Village, WITHOUT Permanent Affordability, at 388 Hudson Street: TELL CITY OFFICIALS NO!

Village Preservation’s true rendering of how the proposed development would look in context; surrounding building heights are from https://data.cityofnewyork.us/Housing-Development/Building-Footprints/nqwf-w8eh.

Tuesday night, September 12, city officials revealed their new planning for a proposed affordable housing development on city-owned land at 388 Hudson Street at Clarkson Street. Shockingly, in spite of feedback from the public to the contrary, they revealed plans for a tall, setback tower, rising far above all surrounding buildings and adjacent JJ Walker Park, for a minimum of 205 ft. and a maximum of 355 ft., the latter of which would make it by far the tallest tower ever built in Greenwich Village.

Additional renderings by Village Preservation showing proposed height and massing of the structure, utilizing city data for surrounding building heights. For full-size images, click here.

Perhaps even more disturbingly, in response to questioning by Village Preservation, it was revealed that this giveaway of valuable public land, long promised to the community as a park, would only be guaranteed to remain affordable for 30 years

In a final insult to the public, whose input was supposedly being solicited, city officials presented grossly distorted renderings of the proposed building, obscuring its size, height, and relationship to its surroundings, and then asked for public feedback based upon these intentionally distorted images.

The city’s grossly distorted rendering presented at Tuesday night’s “community visioning” meeting, and upon which feedback was solicited. From https://www.nyc.gov/assets/hpd/downloads/pdfs/services/388-hudson-rfp-workshop-presentation.pdf

This is absolutely unacceptable — see our letter HERE to city officials calling them out for failing to listen to feedback from the public and to plan a development that runs contrary to the lower, bulkier building we had called for, that minimizes shadows and impacts on the adjacent JJ Walker Park and Greenwich Village Historic District, with PERMANENT GUARANTEED affordability. See also our letter to city officials here condemning their use of misleading and inaccurate information to try to influence the process.

We welcome the development of permanent affordable housing on this site — the 100 units originally proposed, or more (we believe that a plan consistent with the parameters we have laid out could include approximately 200 units of affordable housing — double what was originally committed to here). But that must be within a building that minimizes shadows and impacts upon adjacent J.J. Walker Park and the neighboring Greenwich Village Historic District, and that is respectful in scale and design to its surroundings and context. What the city is currently considering is not.

The city is proposing a building up to 355 ft. tall at 388 Hudson Street. For comparison, other tall buildings in Greenwich Village include (l. to r.) 1 Fifth Avenue (280 ft. tall), 2 Fifth Avenue (207 ft. tall), Georgetown Plaza/60 West 8th Street, the tallest building currently in Greenwich Village (326 ft. tall), and Silver Towers (294 ft. tall). Source: https://data.cityofnewyork.us/Housing-Development/Building-Footprints/nqwf-w8eh.

Time is running out. The city intends to move swiftly to issuing requests for proposals to developers for the site based upon its current planning parameters, after which it will be MUCH harder to affect the design and scale of the building. We must tell city officials, including the Mayor, HPD Commissioner, Borough President Mark Levine, City Councilmember Erik Bottcher, and Community Board 2 that current plans are unacceptable, and that only a permanently affordable project that maximizes affordable housing while minimizing shadows and other visual impacts upon the adjacent JJ Walker Park and Greenwich Village Historic District is acceptable here. 


September 15, 2023