Jam-Packed February and March Program Calendar Gets New Addition: Celebrating Storefronts through Art, February 29

Join us for a late-breaking addition to our February program calendar. Next Thursday, February 29 at 5 pm, we’ll be co-hosting an artist talk with Lily Annabelle at the Tompkins Square Library about her new exhibition, “Goodbye to the Brick and Mortar,” a celebration of the life and memory of some iconic but no-longer-extant local storefronts, including CBGB, Mars Bar, Kim’s Video, and DeRobertis Caffe. Lilly is a West Village–based artist, and she’ll be joined by some of the merchants whose beloved establishments are depicted in her artworks, on display at the library now through the 29th. 

That’s just one of many exciting upcoming programs from Village Preservation now through March you can join:

February 23, 2024