Landmarks Preservation Commission Again Doesn’t OK Demolition of 14-16 Fifth Avenue, But Final Outcome To Be Determined

On Tuesday, the Landmarks Preservation Commission was again unable to reach consensus to approve or deny the application to allow demolition of the historic, 170+ year old former townhouses at 14-16 Fifth Avenue. In their discussion, the Commission cited the more than 300 letters they received opposing the new and slightly revised application for demolition and new construction, as well as opposition from Village Preservation. While several commissioners said they were comfortable with allowing demolition, several also gave impassioned statements opposing it, and no consensus was reached. There were varying levels of comfort with the newly proposed, shorter (by 18 feet) replacement should demolition be approved, with some saying it was fine as proposed, others saying it should still be reduced slightly, and still others saying only a significantly shorter building was acceptable. Watch the Commissioner’s meeting and discussion here, and read our comments submitted to the Commission here.

It is now up to the applicant to return to the Commission with a revised application. Meanwhile we are continuing to perform research and provide information and testimony to demonstrate to the Commission that it would be wrong to approve demolition of this incredibly historically significant building, witness to so much history, and that the proposed replacement is too tall.

If and when a revised application has been filed, the public will have a chance to submit new comments, and we will notify you of that opportunity.

April 16, 2021