St. Veronica’s Church, 149 Christopher Street, Saved

The St. Veronica Moving Forward Committee has announced that the historic church has been removed from the Archdiocese of New York’s sale list and will be open again for mass and meditation. St. Veronica’s was closed in 2017 and slated for sale, and much of its historic interior lost. But the Committee worked hard to prevent important elements of the interior like the AIDS Memorial from being lost, and to see the building returned to public and community use. In 2006 Village Preservation got the church, its rectory, and dozens of other surrounding buildings landmarked as part of the Greenwich Village Historic Extension, which limited what the archdiocese or any prospective buyer could do with the property. We congratulate the Committee on their victory and the results of their hard work, and are pleased to see that not only will the building survive due to landmark designation but will also continue to serve the public.

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May 28, 2021