State Decision on Allowing Supersized Development Throughout NYC This Week

The state is expected to finalize its 2023 budget this week, and the fate of a proposal by Governor Hochul to lift the current cap and allow New York City to permit residential development of unlimited size wherever it chooses hangs in the balance. As we previously reported, with your help we were able to keep this proposal out of the State Assembly and Senate’s budget proposals. But with it still in the Governor’s budget plan, the ultimate outcome won’t be known until the final budget is passed, and anything is possible in Albany’s atmosphere of back-room deals and last-minute horse trades.

Lifting the cap would allow the city or developers to dramatically increase the allowable size of development in our neighborhoods — even beyond the ludicrously oversized proportions allowed by the recent SoHo/NoHo/Chinatown Upzoning. And contrary to what advocates for this change (including big real estate interests) say, it would not require or guarantee a single unit of affordable housing, nor is it necessary to allow conversions of commercial buildings to residential use.


If you haven’t already, please send an automated letter to state officials urging them to keep this proposal OUT of the state budget.

March 28, 2022