State Stands Firm on 5G Towers, but Fate Remains Up in the Air

As we reported last month, we have made significant progress on stopping planned 32-ft.-tall metallic 5G towers in the West Village, though the company behind them has recently pushed back on our successful efforts to get two of their planned sites rejected. In response, we and allied community groups have reached out to local elected officials and to the NYS Historic Preservation Office to urge that they continue to oppose the planned towers on Horatio Street and West 12th/Jane Streets.

We’re pleased to report that subsequently, local elected officials wrote to the State Historic Preservation Office to reiterate their opposition, and the State Historic Preservation Office has also reiterated its opposition to the planned siting of the towers at these locations, narrowing but not ending the options for placing the towers here.

We will continue to work with our allies to prevent these ungainly and unnecessary towers from being located in inappropriate locations in our neighborhoods, and are pursuing ways to rethink and redesign this planned massive intrusion into our public spaces.


March 15, 2024