Support Grows for Landmarking Effort to Save Our Lady of Guadalupe Church and Theatre 80

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church (left) and Theatre 80

Two of the most imminently endangered historic sites in our neighborhood are the former Our Lady of Guadalupe Church at 229 West 14th Street, the first Spanish church in the New York archdiocese, and Theatre 80 at 78-80 St. Mark’s Place, a font of New York culture housed in one of the East Village’s oldest buildings. Village Preservation has proposed and is waging a campaign for landmark designation of each, and we’re pleased to report that support is growing.

The Hispanic Museum and Library has recently joined a broad array of elected officials, preservation organizations, scholars of Hispanic and Latino history, and the local community board in supporting the landmarking effort for Our Lady of Guadalupe. And the Preservation League of NY State and the Victorian Society have each joined the call for landmark designation of Theatre 80 and 78-80 St. Mark’s Place, which is already supported by local elected officials and other preservation organizations.

However, with the decree of relegation in place for Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the recent sale of 78-80 St. Mark’s Place at auction, the fate and preservation of both buildings remains very much in doubt, UNLESS the city acts to landmark them.


If you’ve already written in support, please share with friends and urge them to do so.

June 22, 2023