No. 115 Fourth Ave. (l.) is an eight-story Arts & Crafts–style loft building designed by Robinson & Potter in 1905-06. Now residences, it is known as the Petersfield, after the nearby country estate of Petrus Stuyvesant, grandson of Governor Peter Stuyvesant, who once owned the land upon which it stands. It was also the home of a Book Row seller specializing in the occult, New Age, and Eastern philosophy. The three row houses to its right date to ca. 1850. To their right is 115-121 East 12th Street, a seven-story neo-Classical–style building constructed by the New York Edison Company, today known as Con Edison, in 1904 as an electric transformer and distributing station. No. 125 East 12th Street (red brick) to its right, is a five-story loft building with a later one-story rooftop addition constructed in 1888 by David and John Jardine.

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Photo by Dylan Chandler