Pushing Back on Locations for 32-ft.-tall 5G Towers in the East and West Villages

(l. to r.) Proposed 5G towers; Westbeth (photo by Barry Munger); details on 184 East 7th Street (last two photos)

Village Preservation continues to fight plans to site oversized and unnecessary 32-ft.-tall towers on sidewalks in our neighborhoods to house equipment for future 5G service. In many cases these are planned for narrow sidewalks where the enormous towers will be mere feet from residential windows. Village Preservation has been granted “consulting party” status for the state’s historic preservation review of these towers, and through this process we have been vigorously fighting those that bump up against historic preservation requirements.

Hundreds of these 5G towers are planned throughout the city, including many in our neighborhoods. The location of only a fraction of those to be proposed have been released, and the review process for each one begins on a separate, rolling basis — a seemingly deliberately confusing and difficult-to-navigate system. Currently, a clump has been proposed for the Far West Village and around Tompkins Square Park, though only a small number have begun the review process allowing for comments. This includes one proposed for 445 West Street at Bank Street next to Westbeth, and one at 184 East 7th Street at Avenue B, across from Tompkins Square.

Both would violate historic preservation protections by negatively impacting historic resources in our neighborhoods, and we have urged these sites be rejected — read our letters re 445 West Street and re 184 East 7th Street. The public can also urge that these sites be rejected, and we strongly encourage you to do so.


Village Preservation is closely monitoring these plans and will continue to oppose 5G towers in our neighborhoods that would negatively impact historic resources, and notify the public as to how they can do the same. 

November 20, 2023