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Time for Summer!

There’s no better place to enjoy summer than the East Village, Greenwich Village, and NoHo! There is something for everyone, including amazing local ice cream, live music, community gardens and even bird watching — all captured for posterity in our historic image archive.

Volunteers at the Jefferson Market Garden in the mid 1980s, from the Carole Teller Collection of our Historic Image Archive. Do you know who these volunteers were? Contact us and let us know!

Are self-guided walking tours your thing? Head out and see the sites in person, or view from the comfort of your home on our East Village Building Blocks or Greenwich Village Historic District Map, and Urban Archive South of Union Square Map. And of course our Historic Image Archive has plenty of examples of summers past… see them all here or purchase your favorite print.

This image is part of the Robert Fisch Collection. It was taken at the Gay Pride Parade in front of 55 Fifth Avenue on June 26, 2005.

Wigstock is a perennial late summer favorite. This image from the Jillian Jonas collection was taken near West 11th and Perry Streets on September 4th, 1994.

The piragua man is just as much a staple of summer now as he was when Carole Teller took this photo on Stanton Street in the 1960s.

The Sheridan Square archeological dig (summer, 1982) was organized by our organization’s Executive Director, Regina Kellerman.

David Rosaria (AKA David Peel) performing in Washington Square Park in June, 1967. Image from the Pryor Dodge Collection.

View thousand more historic photos on oiur Histopric Image Archive here.

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