Help Keep the Progress Going! Support Preservation and VP’s Mid-Year Appeal

We’re just over the hump of 2023, and the year has already been packed with more important work and battles than any of us could have predicted. That’s why I’m asking you to make a donation now to Village Preservation, to keep the progress going and ensure we’re up to facing the challenges that the remainder of 2023 will bring.

So far this year we’ve already:

From left: Julius’ Bar, a 5G tower, and 131 Charles Street
From left: the former Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, the Annual Village Awards (here honoring Yara Arts Group), and the Charles Mingus plaque

And that’s just in the first six months of 2023! Help us continue that work by making a donation today. 

This is all part of Village Preservation’s mission to document, celebrate, and protect the special architectural and cultural heritage of Greenwich Village, the East Village, and NoHo, and promote sound planning and preservation policies that affect neighborhoods throughout New York City. Through our work, we have:

Only you can ensure this work continues. Over 75% of our funding comes from individuals like you. 

And your dollar goes farther with Village Preservation. We consistently spend about 80–85% of our budget on programming and other work serving the public — well above the Better Business Bureau threshold of 65%. And we consistently spend only 15–20% of our budget on fundraising and administration — well below the BBB threshold of 35%.

We can only do this with YOUR support. Please consider a donation to Village Preservation TODAY, and ensure 2023 is a great year for PRESERVATION.

July 13, 2023