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Image Tag: Skyline

View From Hoboken, Fires Still Burning, September 23, 2001

​East Villager Charles Kramer regularly bicycled to Hoboken​. These ​photos ​donated by Charles Kramer were taken ​on 9/23/2001 close to midnight in Hoboken following 9/11.​ Many people who worked in the World Trade Center commuted … Continued

    Hank Webber: “Looking Up”

    Photographer Hank Weber captured this picture “Looking Up” in 1988. He was fascinated by the World Trade Center and this image captures the North Tower on the right with a section of … Continued

      NYC Skyline, August 16, 2001

      Deborah Kadetsky moved to NYC from Philadelphia in August of 2000. On August 16, 2001, she attended a Radiohead show at Liberty State Park. She was the only one of her … Continued