Victory! Westbeth 5G Tower Dumped, But New Proposal Emerges on Horatio Street

Good news!: As we predicted, plans are being withdrawn for a 32-ft.-tall metallic 5G tower at 445 West Street adjacent to Westbeth following our advocacy campaign to have it rejected based upon the required historic preservation review. This is a tremendous victory for our efforts, and shows that this process, to which Village Preservation has been named a “consulting party,” can effect necessary and positive change. Thank you to the scores of you who heeded our call and also wrote!

Our efforts continue to get plans rejected for proposed towers at 771 Greenwich/99 Bank Streets and 184 East 7th Street. However, as expected, another proposal for a new 32-ft.-tall 5G tower has been filed for 100 Horatio Street (west of Washington Street) in the Far West Village. We have called for the site to be rejected based upon its proximity to the Gansevoort Market Historic District, the Greenwich Village Historic District, and the individually landmarked 110-112 Horatio Street. We continue to monitor for new filings in our neighborhoods, and will notify the public whenever one is filed that we believe should be found to have negative impacts upon historic resources.


December 12, 2023